Dry Flower Boho Bouquets & Wreaths

Dry Flower Boho Bouquets Description:

Each bouquet shown here is one of a kind. Our beautiful dry flower Boho Bouquets are definitely the most sustainable choice when giving flowers, and they last for years with no wilting or watering needed.  Choosing Australian grown dried flowers is also great for the environment  as they are created with the principles of zero waste in mind.  When fresh flower crops reach their peak, there is often an over supply of flowers, so we simply hang the excess flowers upside down in a dark space to dry, in this way we can create beautiful Boho Bouquets for you to give…... and there’s no wastage.

You can pick-up your dry flower Boho Bouquet from our store or have them delivered to most Brisbane suburbs for an additional $15.  If you have specific requirements regarding flower selection, please contact the store directly.

Deep & Moody Dried Flower Wreath

Deep & Moody Dried Flower Wreath


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