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What's the difference between a Bunch, a Bouquet and an Arrangement?

ARRANGEMENTS need floristry skills to create, the flowers and foliages are strategically placed directly into a vase or container, which means they are arranged in perfect proportions, they sit beautifully within the vessel and make a real impact.  Arrangements are the best choice when sending flowers to the hospital or an office, where the recipient may not have a vase.  Arrangements are easy to care for as there is no need to remove the flowers from their wrapping and re-arrange them, simply fill the vessel with water daily to keep the flowers well hydrated.

BOUQUETS are created using a mixture of complementary flowers, that are tied together and then gift wrapped.  We use bio-degradable paper and place our bouquets in an eco-bag, full of fresh water, to keep the stems hydrated during delivery.  A bouquet will need to be unwrapped and placed into a vase or container by the recipient upon receiving the flowers.  Bouquets are great if you are wanting to present the flowers to someone, they are also a great choice for someone who already has an array of vases and enjoys arranging the flowers themselves.

A BUNCH of flowers usually consists of only one or two types of flowers, as the name suggests, the flowers are bunched together, they are not creatively and strategically placed, as you would find with an arrangement or bouquet.  A bunch of flowers is usually wrapped in a simple sleeve style, rather than more fancy gift wrapping.  We wrap our seasonal market bunches very simply in bio-degradable kraft paper.  












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