About Us

We are a locally owned small business based in Brisbane's iconic Stones Corner.  After the disruptions caused by COCID-19, in May 2020 we made the decision to move our model of operating from our retail store, to our home based studio.  We are still based in Stones Corner and you can order your fresh Australian grown flowers via this website or if you would prefer to speak directly to Lynnette, you can call her on 0420 268 158.  We are still doing local deliveries or you can pickup your flowers from one of our collection points.

At Stones Corner Flower Shop we do floristry the old fashioned way, we get up early each morning to visit the local markets and growers, where we source the best quality, freshest local and Australian grown produce at the most reasonable prices.   We then bring them back to our studio where we create beautiful hand-tied bouquets and arrangements for your daily deliveries.

Here at Stones Corner Flower Shop we care about a lot of things but if we had to pick the top 3 things that we care about are, they’d probably be……

Our Customers

We care about our customers by providing fresh, quality flowers and plants at reasonable prices.  We also take the time to provide our customers with good old fashioned polite and efficient services.  If our customers are happy with their flowers and plants then we’re happy too.

Our Community

We care about our community by supporting local schools, clubs and organisations.  We also shop locally and where ever possible stock gifts, candles and chocolates produced by local makers.  This supports other local businesses, which in turn supports our local economy and helps to strengthen opportunities within our Stones Corner community.

Our Environment

We really, really care about our environment that’s why we practice Ethical and Sustainable Floristry and we are committed to making every effort to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

More About Eco-Floristry


Our Services

On a daily basis we are designing thoughtful and beautiful hand-tied bouquets & arrangements for all occasions as well as providing florals suitable for sympathy tributes and patients in hospital.

On a weekly basis we serve our corporate clients by providing memorable florals to compliment their offices, restaurants, stores and homes.

By appointment we create romantic flowers for weddings and formals as well as themed floral displays for special events.


How we got here

Lynnette Johnson is the inspiration behind Stones Corner Flower Shop, her grandmother, her mother and her sister were also florists, so following in the family tradition, Lynnette started her floristry careen in South Australia back in the early 80’s.  After working as a florist for over 10 years and winning South Australia Florist Of The Year, Lynnette decided to move overseas and pursue a totally different career in the Community Development and Humanitarian Aid sector. 

Emergency and Disaster Response is a high pressure, fast paced career, so during her time working in this field, Lynnette often said, “when I’m ready to retire from humanitarian work, I’ll go back to being a florist and open a little flower shop on the corner somewhere”.  So when Lynnette finally decided to returned to Australia in 2015 she opened Stones Corner Flower Shop in Brisbane and that ‘little flower shop’ that she had often spoken about became a reality.

While working in the humanitarian aid and community development sector, Lynnette predominantly assisted people effected by natural disasters in Asia and war torn emergencies in the Middle East.  In helping people to re-build their lives after a natural disaster or conflict, Lynnette learned the importance of caring for our environment and the people in our local community, taking the time to appreciate the important people and things in our lives plays a key role in our overall wellbeing.  In the aftermath of natural disasters, Lynnette often worked to rebuild rural communities and fishing villages using ethical and sustainable permaculture and organic farming principles. So when Lynnette opened Stones Corner Flower Shop she was committed to developing Eco-Floristry by using sustainable and ethical floristry practices.

In a world where most things have become instant and mass produced, Lynnette understands that different people want different flowers for different occasions, so at Stones Corner Flower Shop, whether it’s a massive flower arrangement or a delicate posy, every stem is placed with thought and care.  We believe that the giving and receiving of a beautiful, hand crafted display of fresh locally grown flowers evoke positive emotional feelings, that not only connects us to nature, but also to living as part of a caring community.




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